The valuable Valentine

Ok It was the first year my husband and I were together, somewhere around the first of February. .....I started dragging out several boxes.  My husband was bewildered as to what was in those boxes. ...!!    The Valentines decorations....of course !!!!!!!  Out came an array of ....hearts


.....Cupid’s.....hearts.....glitter......Cupid’s ....lace .....pearls.....pearls and banners of love !   Valentine decor can be a family vintage postcard to a barn wood heart.   It can come from an expensive, exclusive boutique or the dollar store    The one thing a Valentine does ?    It makes your heart smile.   
As a young girl I absolutely loved Valentine week at school.  I love the crafts and prepping for the big Valentines party filled with pretty cookies and candy  .  I couldn’t wait to pass out my carefully picked Valentines.   The only dragging thing that I can remember is there was always  one kid in the class that didn’t get very many Valentines.  As they shuffled thru their valentines knowing they had not gotten very many.   I remember wanting to just gather up all the candy and give it to them.  
as a young single women Valentine’s Day wAs really good if you had a wonderful boyfriend that lavished you with a dozen roses....candy and an unforgettable piece of jewelry....and of course accompanied with a beautiful card letting you know that you truly are the best !!!...... but in all seriousness that rarely happens!!!!!  I even had a boyfriend once that brought a dozen roses to me but divided them and gave me six.   He was all dressed up.....took the remaining six roses with him, told me we would go out next week.   So he had split the roses between me and another girlfriend.  Needless to say ....not a good Valentine    Laughable today but ......sometimes it takes years to see the humor !!!!   
As I became a married women with kids Valentine’s Day were always fun.  I loved Valentines Day with the kids.  There were crafts and parties and cookies, candy and every year I hosted a big fondu party.   I always tried to invite some folks that didn’t have anywhere to go for Valentines.  We always had a fun time.   Most times it was a really different blend of people    All ages ,all walks of life ,all different personalities.....always cups of chocolate hearts !!!!!!   As I look back on those fun days and the many Valentines....the first thing ....they all flipped by so fast !!.......I hope my kids remember them with fond memories......I hope they always ate plenty of cookies and candy  but most of all I hope they remember that Valentines was fun ....always had a fun craft ......and most of alll ....there was always a plate at the table for anyone that wouldn’t have had a place to go on Valentine’s Day ........there was a place for another smile!!!!    This year has been a tough one.  No one would deny that.   Lots of hate and strife for your Valentine Day ......give a little piece of your heart away       Happy Valentines Weekend 

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